Our SUPPORT strand is where we create work and provide development and training opportunities for emerging and early-career theatre makers in Scotland. Our aim here is to level the playing field and create the opportunities we wish we had access to. We want to help give that leg up to as many theatre makers as possible. On this page you can see our past SUPPORT projects, and see any opportunities available to take part. 
If you're interested in getting involved, you should check out the workshops and productions that are part of FRAMEWORK FESTIVAL, Scotland's first emerging theatre makers festival, 3rd-7th May 2021. 


Past SUPPORT Projects:


(7th August - 4th September 2020) - Digital Project

#FrameworkFridays is a series of monologues written, performed and directed by young scottish women. We commisioned 5 exciting new writers to write a monologue on what it meant to be a young women in Scotland. The 5 pieces garnered over 7000 views and recieved media acclaim. The pieces are still available to view on our Facebook page. 


Writers: Taylor Waggonner, Hannah McGregor, Margaret McLeod, Kirsty MacEachran, Dani Enticknap


Performers: Rebecca Riddell, Bethany Tennick, Carla McNeil, Iona Mclennan, Fiona Radbourne


Directors: Emma Cochrane, Georgia Smith, Emma Ruse